Dimmu Borgir
Aufnahmen zu neuem Album


Die Norweger DIMMU BORGIR sind in’s Studio Fredman in Gothenburg gegangen, um dort mit Producer Fredrik Nordström die Aufnahmen für ihr neues Album zu beginnen, welches Anfang 2007 erscheinen soll.

Gitarrist Silenoz:
„So, just to let you know, everything moves along nicely in the studio, perhaps a bit too well…? With past studio ghost experiences in mind, something is just bound to happen…I’m sure of it. Well, apart from being the typical pessimist, at least it didn’t take us too long to get all the basic rhythm guitar tracks down and even better; it sounds awesome! A fat and razor-sharp tone, without compromise, hitting you right between the eyes! Proper equipment — Engl amps, ESP guitars and Seymour Duncan pickups — make things hell of a lot easier, I say. There, some PR for you. Leads/solos and acoustic/clean guitars will be laid down later when everything else is ready. Bass and keys are up next. We expect it to sound nothing less than grandiose once this beast is finished.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot, we have the album title as well, but we’re not gonna announce it until the time is right!“

Galerie mit 26 Bildern: Dimmu Borgir - European Tour 2020 in Hannover
Quelle: www.blabbermouth.net

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