Bassist überlebt Flut!


Jonas Kloge, Bassist der verrückten Dänen ILLDISPOSED, befand sich auf der thailändischen Insel Phi Phi, als der Tsunami über Südasien hereinbrach, und konnte sich und einen kleinen Jungen auf ein Hausdach retten, bevor die Flutwelle die Insel überrollte.

In einer E-Mail schildert er seine Erlebnisse wie folgt:
„I was in a restaurant when lots of hysterical people suddenly came running into the place. Everything was chaos and at first I didn’t know what was going on. I went to the door and looked outside, at bit confused, the sight was shocking. Huge waves were filling the streets with water and the palms were breaking like matches. Water filled the restaurant and partly broke the staircase, which led to the roof of the building. I climbed up the broken stairs and when I reached the top of the stairs, I saw a woman and her two children struggling in the water under the stairs. I climbed down the stairs again, reaching out for one of the kids, carrying him up to the roof of the building where we were safe so far. Fortunately the woman and her other child were saved as well.
On top of the building I could see how the wave destroyed everything, houses crumbled and trees broke. When the wave disappeared, we ran like hell to a nearby mountain where we spend the night.“

Galerie mit 10 Bildern: Illdisposed auf dem Summer Breeze Open Air 2016
Quelle: RH

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