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Update: Neues Video, Album und Pre-Release Show


Update 10.08.2018

Finnland? Melodic Death Metal? OMNIUM GATHERUM!
Die werten Herren veröffentlichen bekanntlich am 31. August 2018 ihr neues Album “The Burning Cold” (s. News unten).
Den Track “Refining Fire” gibt es nun als zweite Single und auch als Video.

Frontmann Jukka Pelkonen führt aus: „The new video song ‘Refining fire’ is a story about not giving up and the power of staying clear-headed inside oneself, as well as in the outside world too within all the chaotic turbulence. It is the never-ending stream, the river that carries us and it is the fire that refines us. Stay strong and hold your head up high. You deserve it! …Musically speaking, this is maybe the most OG old schoolish song on the new album!“

„Refining Fire“ gibt es als digitale Single auf allen einschlägigen Plattformen.
Und so klingt der Song bzw. sieht er aus:

Auf Tour kommen OMNIUM GATHERUM zudem.

06.Juni 2018

Die finnischen Melodic Deather OMNIUM GATHERUM haben ihr neues, achtes Studioalbum fertiggestellt, das am 31. August 2018 via Century Media Records veröffentlicht wird und auf den Namen „The Burning Cold“ hört.

Haupt-Songwriter Markus Vanhala im O-Ton: „Sometimes you can be extra proud of something you’ve achieved, and I could claim that „The Burning Cold“ has a sense of special chapter for me. I haven’t been this excited for a new album of mine for ages! I’ve been extra busy with all the touring in the past year(s) and I truly don’t know when and where I got these songs made. They somehow wrote themselves indeed. We got some really good kick-ass songs and fresh tunes made up and „The Burning Cold“ has a really honest feeling in it. Fresh rebirth of OMNIUM GATHERUM! We are honored to kick off this album cycle with a pre-release show for the new album at one of our favorite festivals in the field, Summer Breeze. You can hear debut live shots of some of the new songs there, so be sure not to miss all this excitement, new glory and fresh mistakes!“

Sänger Jukka Pelkonen ergänzt zu den Lyrics und inhaltlichem Konzept: „There are two major lyrical concepts on the new album; Firstly, it touches the great human tragedies and fortunes which are around us – tragedies such as war and the engulfing darkness that follows, and fortunes which are tangled in experiences we all share despite of the seemingly burning world. Secondly, the lyrics speak loudly of the human emotional condition. How do we love? Why do we hate? Why some things are easier to leave behind than others. Why does death terrify us, and if it does why do people act like it does not exist? This album is a pinnacle of all the hard work we as a group have done in OG for a long time. The music comes alive and reaches new perspectives. Still. This is truly melodic death metal. Sharpened polished, brutal.“

„The Burning Cold“ wurde gemixed und gemastered von Dan Swanö and produziert von Teemu Aalto.

Galerie mit 20 Bildern: Omnium Gatherum - Rockharz 2019
Quelle: Century Media

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