Six Feet Under
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Die Death Metaller von SIX FEET UNDER kehren zurück, im Gepäck ihre neue „Wake The Night! Live in Germany“-DVD.

Chris Barnes: „It was compiled from footage that we filmed at the Party.San festival in Germany from August 2009. All of the show was shot on high-definition camera, and it just really looks awesome. It’s on the same wavelength as our With Full Force video , really excellent show, awesome crowd. This time we were playing at night, so they utilized some really giant pyrotechnics, so it was awesome and frightening at the same time.“

Tracklist Wake The Night! Live in Germany:
1. No Warning Shot
2. Silent Violence
3. Revenge Of The Zombie
4. Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane
5. The Day The Dead Walked
6. Seed Of Filth
7. Shot In The Head
8. Torn To The Bone
9. Suffering In Ecstacy
10. The Enemy Inside
11. The Evil Eye
12. Victim Of The Paranoid
13. Human Target
14. Deathklaat
15. Ghosts Of The Undead
16. Shadow Of The Reaper
17. Beneath A Black Sky

Um den Kauf dieser DVD noch attraktiver zu gestalten, wird die europäische Erstpressung als Bonus die Digipak-Version des letzten SIX FEET UNDER-Coveralbums Graveyard Classics III enthalten.

Wake The Night! Live in Germany erscheint am 28./31. Januar 2011 in Europa und am 1. Februar in Nordamerika!

Galerie mit 3 Bildern: Six Feet Under - With Full Force 2016
Quelle: Metal Blade Records

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