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Die Kanadier VOIVOD werden im Frühling das Studio entern, um ihr finales Album aufzunehmen. Darauf werden sich Songs, die ihr Gitarrist Denis „Piggy“ D’Amour, der im August 2005 an Krebs starb, der Band hinterließ, finden. Ein offizielles Statement der Band:

„There remain 13 songs that guitarist Denis D’Amour (Piggy) had written with the band before his death, yet to be recorded. Michel Langevin (Away) and Denis Belanger (Snake) will track the last songs this spring bringing all the past and present members together to participate in a homage to the guitar legend of Piggy and the legacy of 25 years of a brotherhood forged by exploring metal, rock and punk ethics with an other worldly premise. Jean-Yves Theriault (Blacky) and Eric Forrest (E Force) have eagerly agreed to contribute bass tracks along with current bass player Jason Newsted (Jasonic).The End Records and Nuclear Blast Europe will release this final record once completed. VOIVOD may play select shows after the release as a thank you to the fans and to bring closure to a great career.“

Galerie mit 14 Bildern: Voivod - Leafmeal Festival 2016
Quelle: The End Records

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