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Die Thrasher von CRIMINAL benötigen einen neuen Mann am Viersaiter. Frontmann Anton Reisenegger veröffentlichte dazu folgendes Statement auf der Myspacesite der Band:

„It’s unfortunately looking like Staff won’t be able to continue in CRIMINAL. We’re quite bummed out because he’s really grown to be a part of the band, and the last few shows we’ve played with him have probably been the best since Rod and I moved to Europe, but his work and other commitments don’t allow him to dedicate enough time to touring and recording. He will still be doing the BRUJERIA show and might be helping out here and there after that, which we appreciate enormously (cheers mate!), but what it boils down to is we are again without a bassist. Which also means we are looking for one! So if you fulfil the following requirements, drop us a line! A South American background would be very welcome, but is not a must!

– you must have good technique and stage presence
– you must have your own gear
– you must be able to rehearse in the Ipswich/Colchester area (that’s in the UK!)
– you must have enough time to tour and record
– you must be into the CRIMINAL style

OK, looking forward to hearing from all you four and five stringers! And to everyone else, see you soon!“

Wer sich für den Bass von CRIMINAL berufen fühlt, kann eine Mail an die Band senden: (Link)
Weitere Infos zu der Band könnt Ihr auf der Website der Band unter diesem (Link) finden.

Quelle: Metal Blade

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