Drummer Hellhammer steigt ein


Kein geringerer als Hellhammer (u.a. MAYHEM) drischt fortan auf die Felle bei GORGOROTH ein:

„Continuing on with the new agenda now forged for GORGOROTH, Gaahl and King have enlisted none other than MAYHEM drummer Hellhammer to join them on battery beginning in 2008. Gaahl and King are creating a force which will only contain members of a strong and creative energy in honor of the art that is GORGOROTH and their renewed sense of destruction and war! Hellhammer possesses these ideals and he will add another dimension to this new and different beginning. Hellhammer comments „I’m honoured to be asked this, regardless on how the line up will be in the end. Internal disagreements in the band concern the band, and the band only!“

Quelle: Season Of Mist

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