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Das kommende OBSCURA-Album trägt den Titel „Omnivium“ und soll im März 2011 via Relapse Records erscheinen. Jetzt wurde Tracklist zum Album enthüllt:

„Omnivium“ Track List:
01. Septuagint
02. Vortex Omnivium
03. Ocean Gateways
04. Euclidean Elements
05. Prismal Dawn
06. Celestial Spheres
07. Velocity
08. A Transcendental Serenade
09. Aevum

Drummer Hannes Grossman kommentiert: “The recording process was intense and time-consuming, but it brought us many steps forward as musicians both individually and collectively. The songs are still catchy, but there are more epic parts involved, as well as faster and more melodic songs. The extremes of the band’s sound extend on all sides, so to say. Expect some things which have never been done before like this in Death Metal!“

Auch eine DVD ist nach Grossmans Kommentar im Plan: “After the recordings for Obscura’s new album I decided to start filming because the energy of the recording process was still valid. The final motivation came from NILE-drummer George Kollias, with whom we toured in Japan. Thanks again, Bro‘! Of course the DVD will not only feature solo and song performances, but also very deep advice about the things that I use, like finger control technique, hybrid techniques, advanced foot technique or odd-time signatures.

Galerie mit 13 Bildern: Obscura - Summer Breeze Open Air 2018

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