Torture Killer
Im Moment kein neues Album!


Nachdem die Finnen TORTURE KILLER einige Schwierigkeiten bzgl. ihres Line-Ups hatten, scheint mittlerweile sogar das geplante zweite Album in Gefahr. Während den Live-Aktivitätet konnte man noch Ersatz finden, mittlerweile scheint es allerdings größere Probleme zu geben.

Hir das original Statement der Band:

2004 is now history and the past year has treated us well. We did our first tours here in Finland with Vader and eventually even got to play in Europe under the „Blast your violence“ tour. Those tours were awesome
experiences for us, and the first time for us to play outside our country borders. But, there´s always a price for everything good and as you may or may not recall
we had a rather hostile change in line-up a while ago. At the end it didn´t effect on the live opportunities we got, thanks to Sallinen and Dr.Mike who filled in when we needed them the most. However, it did more damage to
the plans we had for our second album due to be recorded and released early this year. Without a singer – there can´t be a new album. Simple as that. However, stay tuned for more info in the coming months and until
then…stay brutal!


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