Bassist gab Antwort


Zum neuen Album „Ordo ab Chao“ gab Bassist Necrobutcher vor kurzem dem Decibel Magazine Frage und Antwort. Hier wichtiges zur neuen Scheibe und dem neuen Sänger Attila:

„It’s the inspiration we all needed in MAYHEM. Attila is more committed to the band than almost all three of us together, and that inspires us too. The songs from the rehearsal place sound great. We still have the same aggressiveness. Everything you want from MAYHEM is there. We didn’t give in to any kind of commercial thoughts in any way. It’s a step from our last album again. If you have our discography, then you will see that every album is completely different, which has something to do with the fact that we usually take two or three or four years in between each recording. There’s only so much you can do with a guitar and a drum kit and a bass. We want to show our fans and ourselves that MAYHEM will always be quality over quantity. I’m pleased to say that we have released 38 songs in 21 years. It’s all those bootlegs that make the MAYHEM collection look so fucking huge.“

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