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Die irische Band PRIMORDIAL hat ihren Auftritt auf dem Metal Healing Festival in Griechenland und auf dem Dong Open Air abgesagt. Der Grund dafür allerdings dürfte für jeden Fan der Band erfreulich sein, da die Band plant, im Juli ins Studio zu gehen, um den Nachfolger von „The Gathering Wilderness“ aufzunehmen. Sänger Nemtheanga dazu:

„The first and most important thing is that PRIMORDIAL will enter the studio in July and August to record the new album. We are traveling across the water to Wales to the middle of nowhere to an old analog studio. There isn’t a working title yet for the album and in typical PRIMORDIAL style there is a lot of work to be done on the songs but with a bit of luck and the God’s blessing we will pull the Iron out of the Fire once more. And with the blessing of Metal Blade it should be out in 2007. And to record for the first time in summer is going to be a totally different environment; we always without exception have recorded in winter. Stepping outside after a take into blazing sunshine instead of lashing rain and freezing cold is in all honesty something I’m looking forward to. The Irish winter surely isn’t a beautiful thing, in the city it’s a bleak grey monotonous washed out few months.

The themes have moved on the from the last album and right now I’m beginning to piece together some ideas for the artwork with Paul from Scald who made ‚The Gathering Wilderness‘ look so special. It will look incredible I can guarantee that and will be an absolutely pure artistic statement in this day and age of hollow, plastic meaningless metal covers. This, of course, goes for the music as well without saying!

Apart from that some bad news, we have had to cancel both Dong Open Air in Germany and Metal Healing in Greece. Rehearsing has always operated at a premium with PRIMORDIAL and now with the comparatively large distances between us we can’t devote time to both rehearsing for shows and making a new album. We sincerely apologize, anyone who knows us knows we hate to disappoint those who always come down and show their support for the band live. We will do our best to make it up to everyone in 2008.“

Galerie mit 24 Bildern: Primordial – Heavy Hamburg Halloween III 2022
Quelle: Blabbermouth

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