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RHAPSODY OF FIRE haben auf ihrer Homepage folgendes Statement veröffentlicht:

Rhapsody Of FireAfter 15 years of friendship, hard work and big passion, fully invested in the creation of symphonic music and an epic saga that will remain in the history of heavy metal, Alex Staropoli and Luca Turilli decided to proceed to a friendly split.
„10 albums released and the end of the saga represent, musically and lyrically, an important artistic goal finally reached, underlined by the success of our last release “From Chaos To Eternity”, for which we want to thank our wonderful fans once again. Now it came the time when new artistic stimulations need to be found, in respect of both parts’ visions and perspectives and of our longtime friendship” say Luca and Alex. Due to the latest legal agreements actually in force, Alex Staropoli will go on with RHAPSODY OF FIRE having, between the others, Fabio Lione as singer, Tom Hess as guitar player and Alex Holzwarth as drummer. For the same agreements and the original name’s common ownership, Luca Turilli will release his future works with a new RHAPSODY band, including the faithful band members Dominique Leurquin, Patrice Guers and Alex Holzwarth.

Alex says: “While wishing the best to Luca and his new band, I want to tell you that Fabio and myself feel motivated and stronger than ever and that RHAPSODY OF FIRE are already planning a great worldwide tour. More information regarding the new bass player and the new second guitar player will follow. Stay tuned!”

Galerie mit 22 Bildern: Rhapsody of Fire - The Eigth Mountain Tour 2020 in Essen
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Rhapsody Of Fire auf Tour

01.02.22Rhapsody of Fire - Glory For Salvation Tour 2022Rhapsody Of Fire, Phantom Elite und NightmareBackstage, München
02.02.22Rhapsody of Fire - Glory For Salvation Tour 2022Rhapsody Of Fire, Phantom Elite und NightmareKubana, Siegburg
05.02.22Rhapsody of Fire - Glory For Salvation Tour 2022Rhapsody Of Fire, Phantom Elite und NightmareHellraiser, Leipzig
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1 Kommentar zu Rhapsody Of Fire - teilen sich auf

  1. Ralf sagt:

    Naja…vielleicht besser so.
    Der Höhepunkt war meiner Meinung nach: The Power Of The Dragonflame, damals noch einfach Rhapsody. Die Namensumänderung war schon blöd, wobei man dies sehr elegant löste…Respekt.
    Wobei ich jetzt nicht verstehe…
    Zitat aus Wikipedia:
    „…Luca Turillis zukünftige Band wird wieder den ursprünglichen Namen Rhapsody tragen…“
    und „Rhapsody Of Fire“ wird weiterbestehen mit Alex Staropoli. Sehr verwirrend…ob da nicht schon das Ende beider vorprogrammiert ist? Oder zumindest der Tod einer Gruppe?