Joe Comeau (ex-OVERKILL, LIEGE LORD) hat ein Statement bezüglich seines Abgangs bei ANNIHILATOR veröffentlicht, der nicht auf musikalische Differenzen zurückzuführen war. „Hello friends, as you are probably now aware, I am no longer working with ANNIHILATOR. I would first like to thank all my friends and supporters who have emailed me encouraging notes. As you all deserve to know the truth in this matter, basically there was a non-musical difference which I thought was something we both could work out to a mutual understanding, however it did not turn out that way. ANNIHILATOR is and always will be Jeff Waters. It was his decision, and his decision alone that he made to end our musical collaboration. I find it to be very tragic [that this had to happen] as we had only begun to scratch the surface of what we were capable of, and by far the best was yet to come. On a more positive note, I am already working on several possible projects on which I will keep you posted. Looking to the future, I will crush. All the best, Joe Comeau“ ANNIHILATOR haben mit Dave Padden aus Vancouver bereits einen Ersatz für Comeau gefunden. Ein neues Studioalbum ist für September geplant.

Galerie mit 32 Bildern: Annihilator - Brotherhood Of The Snake Europatour 2017
Quelle: Blabbermouth

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