Children Of Bodom
...sind noch nicht fertig zum Sterben!


Wie schon am Montag berichtet ist Gitarrist Alexander „Aku“ Kuoppala bei CHILDREN OF BODOM ausgestiegen. dies ist nun erstmals offiziell bestätigt worden. Alexi Laiho ließ über die Bandsite folgendes verlauten: „We just wanted to make the point clear that there is absolutely no bad blood between us whatsoever. We really try not to make a big deal out of this, and since it’s not our place to talk about Alexander’s personal affairs, we have to be brief about this. Alexander realized he couldn’t take this constant touring life anymore and felt that he was holding us back by not enjoy doing this anymore and that it was better for him to bail out than not giving the whole 100% and making himself unhappy. His exact words to me were, ‚It’s not fair to me, to you, or to our fans to pull an act in front of you all and just do it for money.‘ We understand that some of [the fans] might feel that it’s not [CHILDREN OF BODOM] without him, and it is true that he was a huge part of us just like every other member, but we hope that YOU understand that this has not been easy for us, but, goddamn, we will carry on with a new guy (which we’ll let you know about later), ‚cuz after all, the fact is: CHILDREN OF BODOM AIN’T READY TO FUCKING DIE YET!“

Galerie mit 21 Bildern: Children Of Bodom - Rockharz 2019
Quelle: Blabbermouth

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