Impaled Nazarene
Leadgitarrist steigt aus


Tuomio, IMPALED NAZARENEs Leadgitarrist, hat die Band aus persönlichen Gründen verlassen:

„Tuomio [lead guitar] has decided to step aside from IMPALED NAZARENE. His decision is personal and we thank him for everything he did with us the last four years and wish him the best of luck for his future adventures. Tomi UG Ullgren is our new lead guitarist, many of you have already witnessed him with us on stage as he has been a session member of this band since 2000, done various tours with us etc. This change will not affect any of our forthcoming shows.

We have now finished recording vocals of our new album ‚Manifest‘. Sounds fucking killer. ‚Manifest‘ will be mixed at Sonic Pump studio by Tapio Pennanen at late July and mastered at Finnvox studio by Mika Jussila mid-August. We also decided with Osmose that ‚Manifest‘ will be put out as double 10″ vinyl instead of normal 12″. We will now start working on cover and layout with our house artist Ritual.“

Die Webseite der Band findet Ihr unter diesem (Link).

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