The Old Dead Tree
Neue Platte Ende August!


Zwei Jahre nach ihrem gefeierten Debüt „The Nameless Disease“ legen THE OLD DEAD TREE nun nach. Der Nachfolger „The Perpetual Motion“ wurde im bekannten Stage One Studio zusammen mit with Andy Classen ((Link)) aufgenommen. Hier schon mal ein paar Songtitel: „Out of Breath“, „1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8…“ und „Everyday Life“.

Eingespielt wurde die Scheibe im neuen Line-up, bestehend aus Manuel Munoz (vocals & guitars), Nicolas Chevrolier (guitars & backing vocals), Vincent Danhier (bass) und Foued Moukid (drums).

Season of Mist veröffentlicht „The Perpetual Motion“ am 29. August. Im Oktober/November folgt eine Europatour.

Abschließend noch ein O-Ton von Produzent Andy Classen:
„It has been a great pleasure working with THE OLD DEAD TREE again! I really think that this band is standing out in the current European metal scene with their unique musical style. I am impressed, because they easily combine Extreme metal, Dark rock and Pop music… This time, the guys from THE OLD DEAD TREE did a real great job in their preparation for the new album „The Perpetual Motion“. They did perfect arrangements but still all the songs are very catchy. Manuel Munoz‘ vocals are exceptional, sliding without any effort from one style to another. The guitars parts are mixing aggressive riffs and beautiful melodic parts, while the efficient combination of drums and bass is putting efficient groove and rythms into the music! The „work-out“ was even much better this time – We did the whole recordings/mixing/mastering process here at Stage-One-Studio which made the sound more compact and also much heavier than on the previous album. I really enjoyed working with them and I think they have a big future as a band… In fact, let me say that they have reached perfection with their new album „The Perpetual Motion“.“

Quelle: Season Of Mist

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