Details zu "Apnoe"



TODTGELICHTER haben kürzlich folgende Mitteilung mit ersten Details zu ihrem neuen Album veröffentlicht:


as promised we can start the year with the news you have been waiting for! The successor to „Angst“ is in the making, and though it will probably take until the (very) early year 2013 until it is actually released we can already share some info with you:

We are going to enter the HAMMER STUDIOS to record everything under the very competent supervision of Eike Freese in November 2012. This setup has proven itself to be the most effective one regarding TODTGELICHTER, and the next time will be no exception; in fact we´re planning to take everything to a yet again completely new level of expression while still. It should be very clear now that the name TODTGELICHTER stands for evolution, progression and quality; so those expecting a „Was Bleibt… 2“, „Schemen 2“ or even „Angst 2“ will – as far as we can tell after three nearly finished songs – once again be disappointed. That´s the way it goes. But rest assured, it will be 100% TODTGELICHTER – as always!

The lack of oxygen – the panic – the darkness – the deep sea – the endless space – the commitments robbing freedom – the restrictions of our times – the crushed chest – sometimes we can´t breathe, sometimes we don´t want to breathe. And sometimes we need to free ourselves to breathe, because a complete and relentless awareness makes it impossible to. We can hereby officially announce the title of the forthcoming fourth album of TODTGELICHTER –


Coming up next: Some official gig-announcements. Bear with us for a little longer, our return to the stage is imminent.



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