teilen eigene Corona-Erfahrungen


Auch wenn viele mittlerweile ungeduldig werden: Corona ist nach wie vor eine ernste Sache. KATAKLYSM-Gitarrist Jean-François Dagenais musste das kürzlich am eigenen Leib erfahren. In einem eindringlichen Statement bedankt er sich nun für den Support der letzten Tage und appelliert gleichzeitig an alle, die Situation nicht auf die leichte Schulter zu nehmen:

Hey, folks! First, I want to thank everyone for the outpour of support from all our awesome fans and music colleagues around the world. It really gave me a morale boost! Last week started like any normal week. I was doing press for KATAKLYSMs new album „Unconquered“ and on Wednesday morning I woke up and felt like I got hit by a train; I had a slight fever, body aches, and very low energy. The next day I went to my doctor after no improvement and they administered the COVID test to be on the safe side. It came back positive and I was shocked because I’m the extra careful type of guy. I wear a mask religiously, wash my hands, and barely go out. Anyhow, over the weekend I started to feel much better and started feeling like my old self again. Luckily, I am in decent health with no underlying conditions. I will self-quarantine at home with my family (so far they are fine) and will be free of this thing in no time. I don’t want to make a big thing out of this and overshadow the new album but wanted to share the news that anyone can get this so be careful out there It is a nasty bug, the first few days were brutal but at the end of the day I’m fine and I will get over it.

KATAKLYSMs 14. Studioalbum „Unconquered“ erscheint am 25. September via Nuclear Blast Records.

Galerie mit 17 Bildern: Kataklysm - MTV Headbangers Ball 2019 in Berlin
Quelle: Nuclear Blast Records

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  1. Sane sagt:

    Er hatte also Erkältungssymptome, ist zum Arzt gegangen und hat eine Corona Diagnose bekommen.
    Nichts ist passiert, alles komplett harmlos.
    Der Artikel liest sich allerdings als wäre das besonders gefährlich.
    Hauptsache weiter Angst schüren. .