Lamb Of God
...canceln L.A.-Show


Auf Druck der Faithful Central Bible Church mussten LAMB OF GOD ihre Performance im Great Western Forum in L.A. absagen. Die Faithful Central Bible Church, der die Veranstaltungsstätte gehört, begründete ihre Entscheidung damit, dass der Name LAMB OF GOD und der frühere Bandname BURN THE PRIEST, sowie die Textinhalte LAMB OF GOD´S nicht mit den Vorstellungen der Kirche einhergehen.
Verständlicherweise reagierte die Band darauf fassungslos, im O-Ton von Drummer Chris Adler klang das dann so:

„The ’situation‘ in L.A. can only be described as ridiculous. It’s already been a huge waste of energy trying to turn this around. The powers that be aren’t interested budging — or doing their research apparently — and we’ve never been a band to placate anyone to get our way, smooth things over or make anyone feel better. They have made it clear that they don’t want us because of our name, our show and our crowd — because of that ignorance, LAMB OF GOD is not being permitted to appear on the Subliminal Verses concert in L.A. It’s truly a shame for the show overall, especially for our friends and fans in L.A. that are being forced to miss our part of the show. Trust that this was not our decision, we’d love to kick some ass in L.A., but apparently the word from the powers that be is that LAMB OF GOD is not the wholesome family fun that the good people of Los Angeles deserve.“

Galerie mit 12 Bildern: Lamb Of God – Full Force 2019
Quelle: Blabbermouth

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