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Bei einem Interview mit dem griechischen ROCK HARD hat METALLICA-Bassist Robert Trujillo einiges übers neue Album verraten. Unter anderem, das die beiden vorab auf Youtube veröffentlichten Songs die bereits live gespielt wurden, nicht zwangsläufig auch in dieser Form gepresst werden, und dass er den neuen Sound als „dynamisch, heavy und groovig“ beschreibt. Hier das komplette Interview:

Rock Hard Griechenland: „Can you tell us if the two new songs (Song#1, Song#2) that you played on the last tour will be included on the upcoming album?“

Trujillo: „I don’t think so. There are parts from one of the songs that may be in the album, but that depends on which songs will be finally on the album. We can’t be sure, not until we sit down and listen to all the songs completed, to make sure that each and every one of them sounds perfect. But I can tell you that these two specific songs that you’ve heard won’t make it, at least not in that form.“

Rock Hard Griechenland: „Could you describe the new album’s sound? Lars Ulrich, just before the release of „St. Anger“, had — very accurately — described it as raw, ugly and unpolished. Can you come up some adjectives for the new album?“

Trujillo: „I would say that this is album is dynamic, heavy, groovin‘ and you’ll probably be excited to know that there will be guitar solos on it! In addition, Lars remembered to tune his snare drum properly this time! For me, this album incorporates part of the dynamic and character of ‚Master of Puppets‘, as well as the melodic style that people liked in the ‚black album,‘ as far as the melodies are concerned. As for the general music style, much of the current material is groovy, heavy, dynamic and surely interesting. I would say that it’s different than ‚St. Anger‘ — in a good way, of course.“

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