ex-Drummer Doc verstorben.


Der frühere VADER-Schlagzeuger Krzysztof „Doc“ Raczkowski ist im Alter von 35 verstorben. Details über die Todesursache liegen zur Zeit noch nicht vor. In einem Statement von Fronter Peter im März 2005 heißt es:

„We have been building ‚the VADER Empire‘ together since ’88… The success of our music was no doubt the success of Doc himself. Not just a talent is but the main point of being a part of a BAND, not only musical abilities but — first of all — devotion, utterance…. We had already such a problems before (Shambo, Simon..). Doc pretty hard tried to ‚fight‘ against his weaknesses, which were troubles for all of us. Finaly he had not prevailed over that battle… All in all, he attempted.“

In einem Interview mit AbrasiveRock im April 2005 sagte VADER-Gitarrist Mauser:

„Doc had a problem with alcohol and this is the problem. Maybe in the future, if he will be alright, he may be back in the band. Maybe someday. We will see what happens.“

Galerie mit 12 Bildern: Vader auf dem Summer Breeze Open Air 2016
Quelle: Blabbermouth

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