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Nach über 15 Jahren bei der Band hat Bassist Andreas Mailänder nun bekanntgegeben, die Band zu verlassen:

„15 years of Brainstorm – a damn long time!

… a dream I have worked hard for: record deal, successful releases, festivals all over the world! Endless tours, bands and friends all over the world.

Because my professional situation is not going to ease up in the long run and I won’t be able to combine it with the upcoming touring for the new Brainstorm release, I’m left with no choice but to leave Brainstorm…Too often the guys had to do without me, in difficult times they always stood beside me as friends, as the BS family and supported me in every possible way. I don’t want to strain this friendship any further!!
I’m certain that the new BS album will deservedly bring the band further forward, the pay for the hard work of the band!! After so many hardworking years with each other, I don’t want to hold the band back anymore and allow the band a kickstart for the release of the new album and the upcoming world tour. Of course I’ll continue to be present through my Myspace page ( and will follow Brainstorm’s career with mixed feelings… and please feel free to contact me whoever you are!
My thanks go out to the BS guys, Todde, Andy, Mille, Dieter and their families, our super BS crew, webmistress Marlies, my family, my parents, my brother, Metal Blade Records and most of all our fantastic BS fans all over the world!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s our doorway to survive

Best wishes,

Andi Mailaender“

Für die frei gewordene Position am Bass suchen BRAINSTORM nun einen Ersatz. Wer sich berufen fühlt, kann sich mit aussagekräftigen Unterlagen (MP3 oder CD, Photo, musikalischer Werdegang) unter oder unter Metal Blade Records, attn. Brainstorm, Postfach 1332, 73054 Eislingen bewerben.

Galerie mit 32 Bildern: Brainstorm - Summer Breeze Open Air 2022
Quelle: Metal Blade

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