Sänger schreibt an einem Buch!


Wie jetzt bekannt wurde, schreibt KATAKLYSM-Sänger Maurizio an einem Buch über den Werdegang der Band. Zwar hatte er schon länger die Idee, die Band autobiografisch zu beleuchten, doch der Anstoß das Buch wirklich zu schreiben, kam erst bei einer Listening Session zu dem neuen Album. Das Buch wird voraussichtlich nächstes Jahr veröffentlicht!

Hier noch mal das komplette Statement des Sängers:

„Well I’ve been thinking about it for a long time during the last few years, especially when I’m on tour and all the band members of other bands are like „Dude we had no idea about the shit you guys been through“… We would talk about fun things and sad things all night long over beers and hard liquor, they would always tell me „Dude you should write a book“ and I always said maybe one day. So what better time then now? Next year will mark the band’s 15th anniversary and I’m damn proud of what we’ve achieved. For some it ain’t much but for me it’s everything, so I decided to set the record straight on EVERYTHING , we’ve kept many things to ourselves over the years ,and i think it will be cool read . I really got convinced last week when mags from Europe were in town listening to my new album and then we had a BBQ at my house. The day before they left and again, the same thing: „Bro, put that shit in a book! Do it!“… So ok fuck it, let’s do it. I talked to Nuclear Blast about it, they said let’s go for it. So next year sometime… „Kataklysm / The Northern Hyperblast: uncut“ book will be released. I’ve been writing for the past few days and this is really exciting… So stay tuned for more details.“

Galerie mit 13 Bildern: Kataklysm - Party.San Metal Open Air 2023
Quelle: Nuclear Blast

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