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Obituary waren fleissig auf europäischen Festivals unterwegs…Frontmann John Tardy hat folgende Nachricht auf der Obituary Homepage hinterlassen:

„After a long several days of travel we got home late Sunday wiped out! Five awesome festivals in Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic and Spain! This was another great trip filled with lot of awesome bands like KORN and MOTÖRHEAD and hundreds of thousands of fans! My Internet was down when I got home and it took me three days to get the cable company out here to fix it.
Then I also found out that my router, switch and network card all got fried by lightning! Good thing I had my webcam unplugged! That is why it has taken me a few days to get the site updated. I have been playing computer repair man here all day but I got it all up and running! This also marks the first time in my many years of travel through Europe that I did not eat at McDonalds! Not by choice, because I would have thrown back a Big Mac in a second, but we just didn’t get the chance.“

Galerie mit 12 Bildern: Obituary - Final World Tour 2018
Quelle: Roadrunner Records

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