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Nach der Trennung ihres Sängers haben Candlemass nun dieses auf ihrer Seite geschrieben:
„CANDLEMASS are currently looking for a singer. Preferably Swedish but the band will consider all options. [Requirements are as follows:]

* You are over 25, you love metal and doom, got a fantastic voice, sound great both in a high and low range.

* You got studio and live experience, and it’s of course also important that you are a good frontman.

* You are easy to work with, democratic, good listener with a positive attitude. A healthy sense of humour is also a plus!

„If you think you are the man for CANDLEMASS, email your links and info to the address below and make sure you got at least three songs for the band to listen to + photo and some info about you.

„You can email your links and info to voice @ up to Christmas (NOTE, DO NOT SEND MP3 OR OTHER LARGE FILES!! ONLY LINKS TO FILES ON THE WEB!!!). The band will take the time to find the perfect voice for CANDLEMASS.“

CANDLEMASS announced on Oct. 23 that vocalist Messiah Marcolin was out of the band „for good.“

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18.11. - 19.11.22Hammer Of Doom Festival XV 2022 (Festival)Coven, Iron Walrus, Ophis, Death The Leveller, Candlemass, The Skull, Villagers Of Ioannina City, Spiritus Mortis, Stygian Crown, Fvneral Fvkk und ThronehammerPosthalle, Würzburg