Enthüllen Artwork und Trackliste ihres kommenden Live-Albums


Die schwedischen Death-Progster OPETH enthüllen ihr Artwork (Link) für das am 22. Oktober via Peaceville erscheinende Doppel-Live-Album „The Roundhouse Tapes“, welches am 9. November 2006 im Camden Roundhouse / London während der „Ghost Reveries“-Tour aufgezeichnet worden ist.

Hierzu OPETH-Mastermind Mikael Åkerfeldt:
„The Roundhouse concert will always be a very memorable gig for us for many reasons, but most importantly it caught the band at the peak of the ‚Ghost Reveries‘ tour. I must say we’re quite tight after 18 odd months on the road supporting the record. I’m extremely pleased we got it documented and I hope it will please our beloved fans as well. As an extra bonus we’ve decided to collaborate with one of our past labels for this release, the legendary Peaceville Records. Here’s a toast to Hammy and Lisa for helping us back in the day as well as to the new team for preserving this pleasurable memory for today’s music lovers as well as for generations to come.“

Und hier die Tracks der „Roundhouse Tapes“:

1. When
2. Ghost Of Perdition
3. Under The Weeping Moon
4. Bleak
5. Face Of Melinda
6. The Night And The Silent Water

1. Windowpane
2. Blackwater Park
3. Demon of the Fall

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